Monsanto in Mexico. Stop GMO corn before it is too late

Having just spent a beautiful week on the beaches of Tulum in Quintana Roo, Mexico, munching on nachos and tortillas, I couldn’t help but fear for the future of Mexico’s corn crops. Corn has been grown, worked and cultivated by the indigenous people of Mexico for more than 7000 years. History reveals that it has provided nourishment to the culture, the body and the spirit of the Mayans throughout this time. It is deeply rooted in their heritage and traditions and has fought hard to remain so.

North America’s booming crop industry now exports GM corn to Mexico, with Mexico receiving one fifth of all if its corn from the US. Farmer’s have long felt abandoned and this is taking its toll as many have resorted to selling off their land in favour of factory and construction work. Mexico stood its ground for many years refusing to allow Monsanto to introduce “Frankencorn” into their eco system, although 2011 unfortunately saw sample crops planted as Monsanto tried to prove their capabilities to the Mexican government. Now it is crunch time and if Monsanto get their way, over 6,000,000 acres of land will be planted with transgenic corn…..hailing a sad destiny for the crop and its native land.

Please read this letter by Jack Weber, contributing writer for WakeUpWorld and join the fight against Monsanto.


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